Oluyemi M. Falomo

Oluyemi M. Falomo is a retired award-winning engineer, father, and grandfather who has a passion for storytelling, music, and math. He was born and raised in Nigeria, where he developed a love for tales with cultural and moral values.

As a father, Oluyemi has always been committed to passing on his cultural heritage and love for learning to future generations. He has shared many stories with his children and grandchildren under the moonlight, and "The Princess and the Gourd" is one of his most beloved tales. He has now decided to share this story with a wider audience in the form of a children's book.

In addition to his passion for storytelling, Oluyemi is also an accomplished musician. He can often be found at his piano bench, playing and composing music. When he isn't playing piano, he enjoys tutoring children and helping them develop their own love for math and music.

Oluyemi's debut children's book "The Princess and the Gourd" is a captivating tale that teaches valuable life lessons. His dedication to passing on his cultural heritage and love for learning to future generations is admirable, and his passion for music, math, and storytelling make him an inspiration to many.



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